Frequently Asked Questions

Openpaycard virtual prepaid cards are a powerful, secure, and highly private payment method. They offer the same convenience as standard debit card products; however, they do not store your personal data or require reloads – making them truly anonymous! Issued by banks in the US and Canada, Openpaycard is an ideal Visa or Mastercard for those who value their privacy.

Openpaycard cards are only available digitally online, and therefore cannot be used at traditional stores or ATMs. They can solely be utilized for online transactions, as well as registration and verification processes. Therefore you will not receive a physical plastic card when buying one–you will only have access to your card information electronically.

Registering an openpaycard VCC requires no identity verification, so you can stay anonymous and protect your privacy. You don’t need to submit any documents such as a name or address; simply use any moniker, alias, or Canadian residential address when registering for the card. This way you can rest assured that your complete confidentiality will be preserved while shopping online with this powerful virtual credit card!

To provide paramount privacy, we are offering the ability to purchase our cards using anonymous payment methods which means no details of your personal data will need to be shared with openpaycard. With this safeguard in place, you can rest assured that every stage is protected and secure.

Absolutely, our virtual cards can be utilized to authenticate PayPal accounts globally. Be sure to register your card first and remember that due to their specific regulations, some countries such as the UK, Germany, Israel, Romania and Sweden require ID verification before a transaction is completed.

Absolutely! Both US and Canadian virtual cards can be used to make payments in any currency, as USD and CAD will instantly convert into the corresponding payment’s currency.

Absolutely not. Our virtual cards can just be used for online payments, shopping and verifying your accounts, but are restricted from withdrawing funds or being reloaded.

Virtual cards are delivered instantly.

Unfortunately, our cards are not rechargeable; however, you have the option of purchasing another one.

It’s simple to sign up for an account with our website, deposit cryptocurrency, and instantly receive a card – that’s it!

Our cards are available to purchase no matter where you may be in the world! After making a successful online payment, your cards will arrive shortly. Visa and Mastercard is accepted nearly everywhere around the globe, so our card can be used with ease. There are only a few countries which do not accept these types of payments or have certain restrictions placed on them – rest assured that this list is extremely small.

The validity period depends on the type of card you are about to purchase and actually, it is 3 to 6 months valid.

You may provide any real US or international address as your billing address. Make sure the city / state and zip-code match! Canadian virtual cards can only be used with any Canadian address. It is vital to remember to set any valid (existing) address while registering your card! You can use fakenamegenerator website for that type of information.

Our cards provide the same functionality as Visa or Mastercard prepaid bankcards, accepting payments virtually anywhere online. Websites such as PayPal, AlertPay, CCBill, iBill, eBay and Google Checkout accept our card just like any other prepaid credit card. In addition to these popular platforms; eFax , iTunes US , Mcafee , Moneybookers US , Norton Anti Virus Facebook Yahoo Skype and GoDaddy also recognize our product for safe purchases.

You can always check your card balance and statement on our website dashboard.
Absolutely! Refunds are approved. However, you can only receive the funds back onto your original payment card. Once processed, expect to see a credit for the refunded amount added on to your account balance within a few business days. Please ensure that there is still ample time between now and when your card will expire before submitting a refund request; otherwise, any reimbursement monies left unspent may potentially be forfeited after its expiration date passes.

Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal as a valid payment method. We can only honor those cryptocurrencies listed on our website’s Main page and Perfect Money for payments.

Achieving access to digital currencies is simple. All you have to do is establish a Perfect Money system or cryptocurrency account, and then convert your money into the desired e-currency by using an exchange service like or—it’s that easy!

At this moment, we don’t have any special discount offers available.

Yes. According to our refund policy, you can get a refund in the amount of 100% of the card’s face value within one month from the date of purchase if your card has not been used in any manner

Our helpful support team is here to guide you and answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out!