Get Instant VCC in 3 Simple Steps

Online Registration

Firstly, you need to register your account online.

Account Deposit

You need to recharge your account on click to deposit button.

Create a Card

In the last stage, you just have to issue virtual cards with one click.

how to transfer money from prepaid card to bank

How to Transfer Money from Prepaid Card to Bank

If you have a prepaid card and you want to transfer money from it to your bank account, here’s what you need to know. Transferring money from a prepaid card to a bank account is fast and easy, and the process is similar for most prepaid cards.

Steps to Complete the Transfer:

  • Link Your Bank to the Prepaid Card Platform – The first step is to link the prepaid card to your bank. This allows the platform to access the funds and deposit them into your bank account.
  • Enter Bank Account Details – After your bank account is linked, you will need to enter the bank’s routing number and account number. This information is required to complete the transfer.
  • Enter Amount to Transfer – On the prepaid card platform, you will then need to enter the amount of money that you want to transfer to your bank account.
  • Submit Transfer – Once you have entered all of the required information and the amount you want to transfer, you can submit the transfer. The funds will then be transferred from the prepaid card to your bank account.
  • Confirm Transfer – Finally, you will need to confirm the transfer. This usually involves a simple confirmation code that will be sent to your email address or phone number.

Once you have completed the steps above, the money should be transferred from your prepaid card to your bank account. The amount of time it takes to complete the transfer varies by platform, so be sure to check with the provider for more information about their specific process.