Get Instant VCC in 3 Simple Steps

Online Registration

Firstly, you need to register your account online.

Account Deposit

You need to recharge your account on click to deposit button.

Create a Card

In the last stage, you just have to issue virtual cards with one click.

how to get virtual credit card capital one

how to get virtual credit card capital one

How to Get Virtual Credit Card from Capital One

Capital One is one of the leading financial services companies in the USA and they offer a virtual credit card option that you can use to purchase goods and services online. Here is a quick guide on how to apply for a Capital One virtual credit card and how to use it:

Steps to Get a Virtual Credit Card from Capital One

  • Apply for the Capital One virtual credit card: The application process is relatively straight-forward. All you need to do is visit the official website of Capital One and fill in the relevant information. You will need to provide your personal and financial details. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation from Capital One.
  • Activate your virtual card: After you have been approved for the virtual credit card, you will need to activate it. This can be done online by logging into your Capital One account. You will then be asked to enter your personal information such as your name, address, and other details. Once you have completed this process, your card will be ready to use.
  • Choose a PIN: You will need to create a PIN number for your virtual credit card. This PIN should be kept secure as it is used to verify your identity when making purchases online.
  • Use your card: Now that you have your virtual credit card, you can now start using it to make purchases online. All you need to do is enter your card details when prompted during the checkout process. Your virtual card is accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Tips for Using Your Capital One Virtual Credit Card

  • Make sure to regularly check the balance on your card and make sure you have sufficient funds for any transactions.
  • Make sure to keep your card and PIN details secure at all times to prevent any unauthorized transactions.
  • Keep track of your statements and ensure that all transactions are accurate.
  • Pay off your balance in full each month to avoid late payment fees.


Getting a virtual credit card from Capital One is a straightforward process and allows you to make purchases online with confidence. Keep your card details secure and make sure to keep track of your balances to get the most out of your virtual card.