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what does vcc mean on usb

What Does VCC Mean On USB?

VCC stands for Voltage Common and is a term commonly used when debating computer hardware and USB specifications. It refers to a voltage signal that is supplied by a computer system in order to facilitate a connection between two devices.

When discussing USB specifications, VCC is often used in reference to the current that is transmitted between the two USB cables. A defined voltage and current range is necessary for proper platform compatibility and device functioning. It is also worth noting that VCC is most commonly used when discussing the USB Type-A cable.

In order to support USB Type-A cables, the voltage common needs to be from 4.4 volts to 5.25 volts. This makes it necessary for the electrical common (Vcc) of the cable to be relayed throughout the design of the product. Consequently, this enables a successful transmission of the current from one device to another.

Features of VCC

  • Platform Compatibility: VCC provides the desired platform compatibility for successful transmission of data between two USB-connected devices.
  • Versatility: This Voltage Common can be used in various products without any significant changes.
  • Data Transmission: VCC is essential for successful data transmission between two USB-connected devices.
  • Cost-Effective: There is no need to create specialized designs since the common voltage is required.

For USB Type-A cables, Voltage Common is an essential component of the design. Without it, the connection would not be possible, and data transmission would fail. Thus, it is important to understand the purpose and features of VCC when discussing the world of USB cables.