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what does vcc ophthalmological abbreviation mean

What Does VCC Ophthalmological Abbreviation Mean?

Ophthalmology is the medical science devoted to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders and diseases of the eye. In the EyeWorld magazine, you may encounter many ophthalmological abbreviations, such as VCC. It stands for “Visual Cycloplegic Confrontation.”

What Does Visual Cycloplegic Confrontation Mean?

Visual Cycloplegic Confrontation (VCC) is a visualization technique used by ophthalmologists to measure and diagnose binocular vision disorders. It is a test using drops to temporarily paralyze the eyes’ focusing muscles and eliminate focusing efforts of the patient.

What Is the Purpose of Visual Cycloplegic Confrontation?

The primary purpose of VCC is to assess binocular vision and possible amblyopia. This test also accomplishes two other tasks:

  • Refractive error measurement: The cycloplegic drops used during the VCC test relax the focusing muscles in the eye. With relaxation of the focusing muscles, the refractive error of the eye is measured more accurately.
  • Diagnosing binocular vision problems: During the VCC test, both eyes are simultaneously and skillfully covered and uncovered to detect binocular vision problems, such as poor eye coordination, suppression of vision, and visual incomitance.


VCC stands for Visual Cycloplegic Confrontation, also known as refraction under cycloplegia. It is a test used by ophthalmologists to measure and diagnose binocular vision disorders, assess refractive error, and diagnose problems in binocular vision.