5 Best Virtual Credit Card for OnlyFans (One is Free) (1)

5 Best Virtual Credit Card for OnlyFans (One is Free)

OnlyFans, a popular content subscription service, requires reliable and secure payment methods, making virtual credit cards (VCCs) a preferred choice for many users. But the problem is- this platform is not free. If you want access to the content made by OnlyFans creators, you need to pay with a credit card, debit card, or any other way. 

But using your credit card on OnlyFans might seem to be risky to you. The reason is that you may not want others to know that you’ve subscribed to a platform that shares adult content.

Also, you may not own a credit card because of not being above 18 or for any other reason.

No matter what the reason is, Virtual Credit Card can help you in this case. You can subscribe to the OnlyFans premium plan using virtual credit cards to keep your information hidden. Here I’m going to share some VCC providers that would help you to have an OnlyFans subscription. 

5 Best Virtual Credit Cards for OnlyFans (VCC)

Privacy (was Free)


This is another platform that allows you to enjoy your OF subscription secretly. Nobody won’t know about it because Privacy focuses on the security of the client’s information more than anything. 

Privacy used to provide OF subscription cards for free previously. So, it was a great way for people who wanted to get OF subscriptions for free keeping their information hidden. But now, you would have to pay a certain amount for Privacy VCCs. 

You can get your Privacy VCC by logging in on the website. It allows you to generate many VCCs. So. You can use these cards for other purposes too. 

The service offers both free and paid plans, but even the free plan lets you set up multiple virtual cards, making it a convenient option for OnlyFans subscribers.



Revolut allows you to generate free virtual credit cards for personal use. You just have to spend the amount the card comes with. So, this is a comfortable option for OF subscriptions. You won’t have to spend much. 

There is another reason why Revolut can be the best pick for OF subscription. For people below 18 years old, this platform has an option called Revolut<18. It allows people less than 18 years old to enjoy the ability to use a Virtual Credit Card You can utilize this and try Revolut<18 VCC on OnlyFans. 

Using Revolut is easy. It offers several benefits to the users. So, overall, using Revolut virtual cards is a great option if you want to use VCC regularly. 

It’s particularly useful for managing subscriptions like OnlyFans because it supports multiple currencies and provides real-time currency conversion at competitive rates



This is another option if you want to see OnlyFans content at the cheapest cost. You won’t have to pay a single penny to create cards on this platform. Also, you can get multiple-use VCCs from here. So, you just have to spend the amount that comes with the card. After buying the subscription, you can use the rest on other platforms too. 

Penny allows you to have full control over the cards. You can freeze them anytime. Also, whenever you want, you can unfreeze your Penny card. There is an option to delete the card anytime. 

Penny keeps your identity hidden. So, you’re safe from leaking information. 



Divvy is another platform that allows you to generate VCCs for free, just like Penny. So, you won’t have to think much about the cost of generating a VCC when you’re picking it for your OF subscription. 

Divvy is mainly designed for business use. But yes, you can use it for personal expenses too, like- getting an OF plan. You don’t have to think much about security. The security experts of Divvy take good care of it. 

Divvy gives you complete control over the cards you generate from this platform. You can get yourself a multiple-use card for OF subscription. Divvy allows you to freeze, unfreeze, or even delete the card anytime. Still, if you’re confused about security, you have the option to generate a one-time-use card and pay for an OF subscription. 

Bonus: EntroPay (Free Option)

As a bonus, EntroPay offers a free virtual card that is incredibly user-friendly. It provides a straightforward setup and the ability to load funds via different methods, including bank transfer and credit cards. EntroPay’s virtual cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, which includes OnlyFans.

Although the service was discontinued, many users still seek similar free options, so it’s worth checking for alternatives that might offer zero setup fees.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right virtual credit card for OnlyFans depends largely on your specific needs—whether it’s low fees, high security, or ease of use. Each of the options listed above offers unique benefits, so consider what’s most important for your OnlyFans experience. Always ensure to use secure and reputable services to maintain privacy and security in your online transactions.

The VCCs discussed above are some of the safest ways to pay OF for a subscription. You can try other ways, too, as there are a lot more VCCs out there. However, I don’t suggest trying VCCs directly generated from your physical bank account. 

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