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can you set a different pin to vcc in ardiuno

can you set a different pin to vcc in ardiuno

Can You Set a Different Pin to VCC in Arduino?

In Arduino, VCC is the electrical voltage used to power up the board, and normally it is connected to the 5V pin, but it is possible to use a different pin instead.

Advantages of Changing VCC

Changing the default pin for VCC can be advantageous in some cases, since it:

  • Provides more flexibility – no need to use the 5V pin for all the components connected to the board, allowing you to use the 5V pin for something else.
  • Uses fewer pins – one pin keeps the power flowing, without taking up more pins.
  • Reduces clutter – connecting just one pin to power up everything connected to the board.

Disadvantages of Changing VCC

While changing the VCC pin is a viable option, it also comes with some drawbacks:

  • It can be difficult to set up, as the original pin configuration may need to be reimplemented in other parts of the circuit layout.
  • There is a risk of shorting the board. Therefore, extreme care and caution should be taken when making such a change.
  • The board may no longer meet safety requirements. If the VCC is not connected to the 5V pin in a board, it might not conform to the required safety standards.


In conclusion, it is possible to set a different pin to VCC on an Arduino board. There are some advantages to doing so, such as providing more flexibility, using fewer pins and reducing clutter. However, there are also some possible drawbacks, such as difficulty setting it up, the risk of shorting the board, and the fact that the board may not meet safety standards. Therefore, it is important to consider all of these factors when considering whether or not to change the VCC pin.