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do prepaid credit cards build credit

Prepaid Credit Cards: Will They Help Build Credit?

Many people are turning to prepaid credit cards as an alternative to traditional debit cards and even bank loans. With no credit check, contracts, or interest charges, it is an attractive option for those with low credit scores or with no credit history at all. But what many don’t realize is that by using a prepaid credit card, they may still be able to improve their credit score.

How Can a Prepaid Credit Card Help Build Credit?

By using a prepaid credit card, you can demonstrate responsible credit behavior and practice budgeting. And, if the issuer reports your activity to a credit reporting agency, it can help you build credit.

Here are a few ways to use prepaid cards to build credit:

  • Stay up to date with payments – Treat the prepaid card just like a credit card in terms of making sure to make monthly payments on time. Pay the full balance or, if necessary, make only the minimum payment.
  • Keep a low balance -Try to maintain a low balance and avoid running up the balance too high each month.
  • Apply for a new card – When you’re ready, you might consider applying for a new prepaid card, if your issuer offers it. This will demonstrate that you are comfortable dealing with credit and can afford the payments.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Prepaid Credit Card?

Using a prepaid credit card allows you to budget smarter because you must physically add money to your account in order to spend. And like a regular credit card, it can help build credit, if issuer reports to the credit reporting bureaus.

  • You won’t have to worry about overspending.
  • It provides more control over your spending than a traditional bank loan or debit card.
  • No credit check or contracts required.
  • It can offer some of the same benefits as a regular credit card, such as rental car insurance and cashback rewards.
  • No interest charges or late fees.


Prepaid credit cards can offer a great way to manage your money and build credit. If the card issuer reports to the credit reporting bureaus, then using a prepaid card responsibly can help improve your credit score in the long run. Before you choose a prepaid card, make sure to confirm that the issuer reports to the credit bureaus.