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what does vcc stand for in computer chips

What Does VCC Stand For In Computer Chips?

VCC stands for “Voltage Controlled Crystal” and is an important component of computer chips. It is a crystal-like device that is capable of converting an electrical signal from one voltage level to another. VCCs are used in many types of digital circuits, and they provide reliable signal conversion between different voltage levels.

How Does It Work?

VCCs are created by coating a particular crystal with a conductive material, such as copper or gold. This coating allows the crystal to receive and convert an electrical signal from a given voltage level into a different voltage level. The crystal acts as a medium for the signal and is capable of responding to variations in the voltage level.

Advantages of VCC in Computer Chips

VCCs offer several advantages when it comes to computer chips. Some of these advantages include:

  • Reliability: VCCs provide reliable signal conversion, making it less likely that data will be lost or corrupted during transmission.
  • Low Power Consumption: VCCs are very efficient, meaning that they draw very little power and thus reduce the overall power consumption of the chip.
  • Durability: VCCs are highly durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions and frequent use.
  • Cost-Effective: VCCs are relatively inexpensive when compared to other components of computer chips.


VCCs are an important component of computer chips, as they provide reliable signal conversion and are very efficient. They are also highly durable and relatively inexpensive when compared to other components.