Common Issues of Using a Virtual Credit Card with Online Retailers

A virtual credit card or VCC helps you in many ways when purchasing something online. It helps to protect your privacy, keep your credit card secure, and make payments to a wide range of platforms. So, you can utilize this as a suitable replacement for your credit card. 

However, nothing is fault-free. You’ll face some issues while using a virtual credit card online. Below are some of the issues you might face and the possible solutions to those. 

Issue 1- Total amount of purchase exceeds the virtual credit card balance

Virtual credit cards come with a limited balance. So, while shopping online, there might be a chance that your total purchase amount exceeds the balance in your VCC. This is a common issue if you frequently use VCCs. 

To get rid of this issue, you can determine the amount of purchase first by adding your items to the cart. Then order a VCC that has more balance than your purchase. VCCs come within a few hours. So, your purchase won’t be delayed much. 

Also, you can go for reloadable VCCs if you want. Recharge the card if the purchase amount exceeds the card amount. 

Virtual Credit Card

Issue 2- Wrong billing address

The billing address you enter on the website and the one on the card should match if you want to make a successful payment. But sometimes, VCC users provide the wrong billing address because buying a VCC doesn’t ask you for one. So, you don’t know the actual billing address of the card. 

To save you from such problems, some VCC providers send you the billing address with the card details. So, check the e-mail from your VCC provider to get the correct address. If you don’t find any, communicate with the provider.

If the VCC provider asks for a billing address while signing up or placing an order, save the address you’re entering. It might be the billing address for the card. 

Issue 3- The website doesn’t accept VCC

Some vendors don’t accept virtual credit cards for some reason. In such cases, you can’t use VCC to make the payment. 

In such a case, you can communicate with the retailer or business directly to talk about this issue. If possible, change the vendor if you don’t find them dependable after talking. Doing this would save you from fraud. 

Issue 4- Refunding is problematic in VCC

In case the retailer or business wants to refund you, it would be tough if you use a VCC. The reason is- most VCCs don’t support refunds. They are only for making payments. 

To avoid such a problem, you can use a VCC that supports refunds. Also, ensure that the VCC comes with a delayed expiry date so you can get a refund before it expires. If you think the retailer is dependable, you can use your personal credit card for a refund. 

You can use other ways to get a refund, for example- a bank transfer. 

Final Words

Just like everything, VCCs come with some limitations too. However, VCC providers are working hard to minimize the problems. 

You can try our Open Pay Card to stay safe from maximum VCC issues. We ensure easy payment through our virtual credit cards. We have many options from which you can pick one. 

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