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what is vcc on a sonoff th 10

What is VCC on a Sonoff TH10?

The VCC on a Sonoff TH10 is an important component in a Sonoff WiFi smart switch. VCC, short for Voltage Controlled Current, is an electrical signal used for controlling the current flow from a power source into the device.

How is VCC used on a Sonoff TH10?

VCC is used on the Sonoff TH10 for carrying a specific voltage level to the switch, so that it can safely activate or deactivate the power supply as needed. The VCC voltage is usually 12V DC, and when it is connected, the switch can interpret the voltage and respond according to the programmed logic.

Benefits of using VCC on a Sonoff TH10

Using Voltage Controlled Current has several benefits on the Sonoff TH10:

  • Safety: By ensuring that the switch operates at a specific voltage and current, VCC helps protect the device from any potential electrical damage.
  • Stability: Using VCC ensures that the switch operates at an optimal and consistent voltage level, resulting in better performance.
  • Versatility: VCC allows the connection of multiple switches to the same power source, making it possible to control multiple devices at once.


The VCC on a Sonoff TH10 is a crucial part of the device’s power system, responsible for safely delivering voltage and current to the switch for optimal performance. Using VCC also ensures that the device is protected from potential damage caused by faulty or low voltage levels.